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LinkedIn: College Life


The pandemic has led to widespread school closures and disruptions, and many schools have adopted remote or hybrid learning methods. As a result, Gen-Z students have had less face-to-face interaction with their peers and teachers, resulting in feelings of social isolation. 
With the stress of a pandemic, LinkedIn wanted to provide university/college students with an intimate and diverse platform in addition to building a trustworthy alumni network. 


- Social media plays a huge role in Gen-Zs' lives. Three out of four Gen-Zs are on social media during their free time.
- A Gen-Z is self-driven, highly collaborative, cares about others, and values flexibility.
- Gen-Z is highly visually driven.
- Cares about privacy and authenticity.
- Living a fast-paced lifestyle. 

The purpose of this app is to make college life easier for students by creating a "one-stop" alumni network. Particularly after the pandemic, Gen Z wishes to remain connected. The answer lies in  

 LinkedIn: College Life. 

Depending on which school you attend, the color palette will differ. To log in, you need your student ID, which makes it safer and more private for alumni networking compared with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.



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Ins Posts

You will be able to communicate easily and effectively with alumni who share the same interests with group chat, group face-to-face, posting (video, image, text), and geolocation functions.

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