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Chewy x Zoom : Pawfect Love


You don't have to be a human to enjoy Valentine's Day - our pets deserve to feel the love too. Our furry friends provide us with joy and comfort and even help us make new friends. Moreover, they're a faithful companion or emotional support.

That's why Chewy and Zoom have joined forces to create a pet-friendly community where animal lovers can come together and celebrate Valentine's Day with their beloved pets online. Because let's face it, nothing beats spending quality time with our furry best friends on this special day.


Millennials are the largest pet owing group of Americans. Over half of the millennials are estimated to have dogs. 
-61% of millennials own dogs
-29% of millennials own cats
-9% of millennials own fish

Millennials are social media driven, and they use social media to connect with their peers and with the world around them. 
Millennials tend to be obsessed with self-care, which extends to pets. 
Single people are more likely to throw parities for their pets. 

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